RadarWave™, an innovative new family of prepreg materials used to manufacture advanced radome systems principally for aerospace and defense applications.  RadarWave materials provide cost effective technical alternatives to conventional and higher cost materials used to manufacture advanced radome systems.

RadarWave materials exhibit dielectric and transmission loss properties similar to those of conventional materials used to manufacture advanced radome systems.

RadarWave prepreg materials provide a more cost effective solution to these increasingly advanced technical radome performance requirements.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced electrical properties
  • Available in thin fabrics / lightweight fabrics for flexibility in radome design
  • Available using several Park Aerospace grade resin systems
  • New options allow designers flexibility in Radome optimization
  • Materials are self adhesive and can support laminate or sandwich construction
  • Cost effective solution

Product Forms

  • Available in up to 50” wide
  • High performance glass
  • Various weave styles available

Processing Guidelines (Refer to Specific Resin Data Sheet)

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