Nelco circuit board materials provide superior thermal and mechanical performance

Nelco PCB materials are designed for high layer count PCB and high speed digital applications.

Featured Electronic Materials

  • M-Ply™ RF/Digital Hybrid Bonding
    New prepreg designed for RF/digital constructions, including bonding PTFE to PTFE and PTFE to digital printed circuit boards.
  • Meteorwave® Family
    New very low loss, very high reliability electronic materials providing very unique combinations of electrical performance and reliability. Lead-free assembly compatible.
  • N4800-20 and N4800-20 SI® New high speed / low loss materials providing unique combinations of electrical and thermal performance. Lead-free assembly compatible.
  • N4000-13 EP™ Based on the proven N4000-13 and providing enhanced thermal reliability and CAF resistance for high temperature and lead-free assembly processes.
Nelco materials are RoHS compliant
Nelco electronic materials are offered worldwide with manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia.
All Nelco materials are RoHS compliant.
Visit our RoHS and Lead-Free page for Nelco electronic material RoHS and lead free information and test reports.

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