Park Electrochemical Corp.

is a global advanced materials company which develops and manufactures advanced composite materials, primary and secondary structures and assemblies and low-volume tooling for the aerospace markets and high-technology digital and RF/microwave printed circuit materials principally for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure, enterprise and military/aerospace markets. The Company's manufacturing facilities are located in Kansas, Singapore, France, Arizona and California. The Company also maintains R&D facilities in Arizona, Kansas and Singapore.

Product Lines

Advanced Composite Materials

Materials designed for aircraft primary and secondary structures, interiors and radomes. Broadgoods, unidirectional/ biased tapes, and molding compounds are available.

Advanced Composite Parts

Lightweight composite parts and assemblies designed to provide unique solutions primarily for general aviation and other aerospace applications.

Nelco? Digital Electronic Materials

Advanced electronics materials for reliable, high-performance, multilayer designs. All PCB materials are RoHS compliant. High speed/low loss and lead-free assembly compatible materials are available.

Nelco? RF/Microwave Materials

Materials designed for critical microwave components, antennas and subassemblies. Tightly controlled electrical and mechanical properties ensure consistent performance.

Park Electrochemical Corp. is a global supplier of advanced materials for electronic materials, RF microwave materials and advanced composite materials and structures
Recent News
Upcoming Events where we will show our Advanced Composite Materials, Aerospace Structures, Electronic Materials and RF Microwave Materials
Booth #5A-L5
Mar. 14-16, 2017
Showing:  Advanced Composite Materials
Booth #3348
Feb. 14-16, 2017
Showing:  RF/Digital Electronic Materials
Booth #950
Feb. 1-2, 2017
Showing:  RF/Digital Electronic Materials
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