Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. 
Newton, Kansas

Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. facts:
-  Focused on the development and manufacture of Advanced Composite Materials for the aircraft and space vehicle industries.
-  Complete and operational March 2009.
-  Contains approximately 90,000 total square feet
-  Part of Park's global strategy of developing and supplying advanced composite materials for aircraft and space vehicles.
-  Major expansion to produce Composite Aircraft Parts and Assemblies completed December 2011.

About Newton, Kansas:
Newton, Kansas is located approximately 20 miles north of Wichita, Kansas, which is home to a number of major General Aviation aircraft manufacturers. Park situated this new facility in the greater Wichita area in order to be in a position to work closely with, and to more effectively support, the Wichita aircraft manufacturing community.

Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. is located at the Newton City-County Airport in Newton, Kansas.
12 Ft. by 45 Ft. Dual-Zone Curing Oven.   6 Ft. by 20 Ft. Autoclave.
Installation of the hot melt filmer is complete. First commercial sale of E-765 Unitape took place in May 2009.   PATC's materials testing lab.
PATC's lab autoclave.   PATC's 60 hot melt prepreg fabric and tape system. First commercial sale of E-765 Unitape took place in May 2009.

PATC, September 2008.   PATC, July 2008